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Why FixMoRoads?

Missouri has over 32,000 miles of roads. That’s more highway miles than Kansas and Illinois combined with only a third of the funding of those two states. Highway funding in Missouri is on the decline and has been for nearly a decade. Amendment 7 will help Missouri fix our roads, improve our economy and save lives.


There are over 2,000 bridges in Missouri that structurally deficient. In fact, nearly 2/3 of all Missouri bridges are in poor or fair condition. Those bridges carry thousands of vehicles per day. With reduced highway funding, MODOT will not be able to repair them. In the next 2-3 years, more than 800 bridges will have to close unless extensive repair can be done on them. Amendment 7 will bring the necessary help to our bridges, keeping Missourians safe and our economy moving forward.


65% of Missouri’s roads and bridges are rated in “fair” or “poor” condition. Amendment 7 would prioritize unsafe roads and bridges for repair. Without immediate action to Missouri’s infrastructure, our infrastructure will become more dangerous and unsafe.

Job Creation

Better roads and bridges will create jobs and spur our economy. Not only will better roads and bridges increase our safety on the road, they will also help to put Missourians back to work across the state. Businesses want to be located in states with a modern, reliable transportation system. Upgrading Missouri’s roads and bridges is vital to the growth of our economy.

Amendment 7

About Amendment 7
Amendment 7 is a solution that will fix our roads, repair/replace our unsafe bridges and fund priority transportation projects in Missouri.

It was placed on the ballot by overwhelming bi-partisan majorities in the Missouri House and Senate. It is needed because Missouri infrastructure has deteriorated. Funding has been halved in the last decade while material costs have increased. Over 2,000 of Missouri’s bridges are structurally deficient and nearly 2/3 are rated only fair or poor. Moreover, over 20,000 miles of roads do not even have shoulders. Finally, Missouri has the 7th largest highway system, but ranks 40th in funding per mile. The temporary sales tax increase will provide money for the improvement of roads, bridges and other priority transportation projects in Missouri. 90% of the revenue will fund state priority transportation project, 5% will go the counties and 5% will be given to cities for local transportation projects. Projects will be selected with local citizen and community input. It is accountable to taxpayers. The tax is temporary and cannot be extended without a vote by Missourians. It would freeze the gas tax and specifically exempts essential items like: groceries, medicine, fuel, utilities, mortgage payments, education, health care, retirement savings and prescription drugs. Because it is a constitutional amendment, politicians will not be able to divert this funding to non-transportation uses. It will help save lives. Unsafe roads and bridges will be the priority. Missouri ranks third in the nation in structurally deficient bridges. Additionally, 9,290 miles of highway are in fair or poor condition. This measure will fix thousands of miles of roads and hundreds of bridges that are unsafe and in need immediate action. It will also provide a boost to our economy. Thousands of new, good-paying jobs will be created within Missouri, strengthening our economy and help get Missourians back to work. Passage of the transportation measure will create jobs, improve road safety and ensure fiscal accountability through a bipartisan-supported constitutional amendment. Amendment 7- Missouri’s Transportation Fix. Jobs. Safety. Accountability.

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